Mixed Choir begins Monday, August 29, at 7:45 am. Anyone who loves to sing may join this choir!! 6th Grade Chorale members will begin rehearsing Tuesday, August 30, at 7:45 am!       
Mixed Choir begins Monday, August 29, at 7:45 am. Anyone who loves to sing may join this choir!! 6th Grade Chorale members will begin rehearsing Tuesday, August 30, at 7:45 am!
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Cell #:  281-684-7215
5th Grade General Music Teacher
Head Choir Director

To receive important reminders from me during the school year, please do the following:
For the Mitchell Chorale:  text @7e06 to the number 512-920-5661
For the 6th Grade Mustang Choir:  text @3js to 512-920-5661
For the Mixed Choir:  text @a4760 to 512-920-566

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Mixed Choir - This choir is comprised of both grades and will meet every Monday & Wednesday mornings beginning August 29, 2016.  Rehearsals will be held in the choir room from 7:45 - 8:30 am.  Please drop your child off at the gym doors at 7:40 am.  Once all choir forms have been submitted, your child will receive a choir pass to put on their backpack.

Chorale:  The Mitchell Chorale meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:45 - 8:30 am in the Choir room! 6th Grade Chorale members will begin rehearsing Tuesday, August 30, at 7:45 am!

Mustang Choir: The Mustang Choir is comprised on ONLY 6th grade students.  They will rehearse in the Choir Portable every day during their Fine Arts elective time.

2016-17 Choir Concert Dates:
Feeder Concert:  October 20, 2017 at McCullough:  This is for the Mustang Choir and
6th grade Chorale members only!

Holiday Concert:  December 13, 2016 at McCullough, 7:30 pm:  This is for all three choirs

Pre-TMEA Concert:  January 31, 2017 at McCullough at 7:00 pm.  This is for the CHORALE ONLY

TMEA Concert:  February 9, 2017 in San Antonio:  For the CHORALE ONLY

Spring Concert:  May 11, 2017, at McCullough, 7:30 pm:  For all three choirs

Spring Choral Festival:  May 12, 2017 at Spring High School and Incredible Pizza:  All day event for all three choirs!

I am so excited about the coming year and all the fun things we will learn in General Music and Choir!
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 I teach 5th Grade General Music during the school day.  We sing, play games, learn how to sight read and rhythm read, folk dance, and play instruments.  There will be no homework assignments in General Music.  Our class is based on active participation in all activities.  There will be worksheets and evaluations during the nine weeks to assess each student's progress in learning the musical concepts being taught.

    The Mithcell Choirs:                                                                                      
The Mitchell Mixed Choir is comprised of both 5 & 6 grade students.  All are welcome to join.  At our first rehearsal, I will send each child home with a choir packet.  Please fill out the Member Info sheet AND PLEASE add your child's CISD ID number for me!  There is a $30 Activity fee to join choir which covers the cost of music and transportation to our various events!

The Mitchell Chorale is an auditioned choir comprised of both 5th and 6th Graders.  To audition for this choir a student must
a) go through an audition process,
b) maintain their membership with good attendance in their Mixed Choir, Band, or Orchestra and,
c) commit to rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:45 - 8:30 am.

Mitchell Choir Uniform:
Our uniform will consist of purchasing a black choir polo that will be worn with NICE, FULL LENGTH BLUE jeans.  Belts for boys is optional.  Closed toed black shoes will be worn at our Holiday concert.


      Required Choir Forms:

Parent Permission to Travel/Medical Emergency Form
Parent Form 002.pdf

2015-16 Mitchell Choir Member Information Form
Mitchell Choir Member Information 15-16.doc

The following pictures are of the Mitchell Chorale when they performed at the Texas Music Educators Convention
in February 2013




Incredible Spring Choral Festival Form

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